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Home and AIP for the Holidays

Welcome to The Paleo Space. This is so exciting! My first post! I’ve already published my story, so feel free to read about that.

I am home in sunny, hot, and humid South Florida in my childhood bedroom watching a DVR recording of yesterday’s airing of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (courtesy of HP Weekend). Yes. Danrad was such a little munchkin.

This week has consisted of de-stressing from work, cuddling with cats, and making food because I want to NOT because I have to. Which has been LIBERATING. Lately I have gotten into the habit of batch cooking for the week every Sunday (which will be discussed later). Since I’m on vacation, I get to decide that 1pm on a Tuesday is the perfect time to try that fudge recipe I’ve been dying to make. I get to spend time with my mom making a nice dinner for us and my dad to eat. My lunch doesn’t have to be prepared in advance every day.

As I had to fly from Colorado to Florida for this break, I wasn’t able to bring my entire kitchen. I did manage to bring my gelatin, alcohol-free vanilla extract, peppermint essential oil, immersion blender, and veggie spiralizer. Once getting here, my mother and I ventured to Costco, health food stores, and generic grocery stores to pick up some essentials. I’m here for over two weeks and I wanted to bake! Here’s what I considered essentials:

  • Avocado oil
  • Palm shortening
  • Maple syrup (we already had honey)
  • Coconut flour
  • Arrowroot starch
  • Baking soda
  • Carob powder
  • Coconut butter (I had fudge on my mind)
  • Coconut milk (ordered online to the house)
  • Spices we didn’t already have (I think the only one we bought was cilantro)
  • Fresh/frozen fruit, veggies, meat, and fish

So all this is taking over the precious counter space next to our fridge since our pantry and cabinets are full of expired, gluten filled nonsense. My mom has this ancient, tiny food processor I made her pull out and dust off. There’s a blender somewhere I may look for but that is effort. Have I mentioned my family doesn’t cook? I made mom buy a potato peeler today.


I’ve learned I like baking. And I know I’m supposed to be avoiding sugars… but I haven’t quite gotten there yet. Plus, it’s Christmas time! Although there are so many other useful AIP friendly flours to have on hand, I wanted to restrict my baking here to just coconut and arrowroot so I wouldn’t have to buy all of the things.


To the point: here are things I’ve made in the last week. (Excuse my bad food photography. I just got a new camera and am trying to learn how to photo.)

  • Cinnamon Rolls with Date Frosting – My mom hates sweet potatoes so her reaction was something along the lines of “nope!” but I love these and so did one of my best friends who helped make them.
  • Tuna Zoodle Casserole – Recipe not 100% AIP as written. I omitted black pepper and paprika, used palm shortening instead of ghee. This is honestly one of my favorite dinners now that I’ve reintroduced zucchini.
  • “Chocolate Chunks” – First, I attempted to follow this recipe and messed something up so I experimented until I got a reasonable texture. This experimentation included adding coconut milk and more sweetener. I made small batches to test out the recipe and haven’t tried baking them into anything yet.
  • Crab Cakes with “Cheesy” Cauli-rice and Tartar Sauce – THE CRAB CAKES WERE SO GOOD. I used jumbo-lump crab meat and should have pureed the plantains more, but they were still so great. Cauli-rice recipe from He Won’t Know it’s Paleo cookbook. Tartar Sauce loosely based on this recipe (used this mayo, omitted pickles, mixed in lemon juice instead of zest).
  • Peppermint “Chocolate” Fudge – Spoiler alert: I microwave sweet potatoes 100% of the time instead of roasting or steaming or whatever you’re probably supposed to do. This fudge doesn’t taste like ‘normal’ fudge, but the more I eat it the more I love it! Sweet potato + coconut = Mom refuses to try.
  • Baked Lemon Tilapia over Spinach – From He Won’t Know it’s Paleo Cookbook. So simple and so good. This was my family’s Christmas Eve dinner because why not?
  • Banana Bread Bars – From He Won’t Know it’s Paleo Cookbook. The best texture I’ve ever gotten from AIP banana bread.
  • Biscuits – From He Won’t Know it’s Paleo Cookbook. Not my favorite biscuits, but still very good! (Current favorite biscuits).
  • “Chocolate” Peppermint Bark – Attempted to follow this recipe without the raspberries, but again something went wrong so I experimented by adding more honey, carob powder, coconut milk, etc. until a reasonable texture and taste were achieved. Strong peppermint makes me sneeze. These make me sneeze.

I plan on making a separate post about Christmas dinner because this one became a novel. Now excuse me while I finish watching HP~



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