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Adulting is Hard but Pressure Cooking is EASY (w/ a Recipe!)

I am a bad blogger. Since I got back from my vacation to Florida, “real life” has returned. I was suddenly thrust back into this thing called winter with 9 hour work days and weekends that feel too short, despite every other one being three days long. I’ve learned to snowboard without face-planting every five feet… Continue reading Adulting is Hard but Pressure Cooking is EASY (w/ a Recipe!)

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A Very [simple] AIP Christmas

Holidays in my family have always been very low-key. We’ve gone to Disney World for Thanksgiving, barbecued some shrimp for Christmas dinner, and bought frozen Cheesecake Factory cheesecake from the grocery store for desserts on special occasions. I threw a wrench into that this year by testing food sensitivities and starting to eat 100% AIP. We… Continue reading A Very [simple] AIP Christmas

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Home and AIP for the Holidays

Welcome to The Paleo Space. This is so exciting! My first post! I’ve already published my story, so feel free to read about that. I am home in sunny, hot, and humid South Florida in my childhood bedroom watching a DVR recording of yesterday’s airing of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (courtesy of HP Weekend). Yes.… Continue reading Home and AIP for the Holidays